The US Second Court of Appeals recently issued a ruling on the Hotchkiss case.  
“In a decision written by Circuit Judge John M. Walker Jr., a three-judge panel of the 2nd Circuit said it agrees that there was sufficient evidence for a jury to find Munn's illness foreseeable.”  This could have a “chilling effect” on education trips IF the academic institutions are not meeting their duty of care responsibilities. 

Benefit from the new ETC year-long curriculum – RISK MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
Begins at ETC 2016 and extends to online sessions for ETC members only

Risk Management Professional Development Agenda

The Hotchkiss case ruling in favor of the plaintiff issued from the US Second Court of Appeals may have a “chilling effect” on education trips IF the academic institutions are not meeting their duty of care responsibilities.  Do you know what is an institution’s duty of care? And how do you provide that care? And then how you insulate yourself in the event of a bad occurrence in the eyes of the justice system?  Be prepared…. The all new Professional Development Risk Management Program serves three pillars of delivering this critical information. 

An all new risk management curriculum will be launched at ETC’s 2016 annual conference delivering a stimulating professional development platform for ETC members to glean the best in current practices and risk management protocols from leading experts. The first year program offers a series of six course sessions delivered at the annual conference to focus on the key critical risk-related issues facing the entire ETC community.  Designed and instructed in collaboration with the industry’s risk management leading experts, this Risk Management Program will be the most in-depth and hands on professional development training programs offered by ETC. As such completion of all the courses -- combination of six intensive series of workshops, seminars and case studies at the 2016 Conference, and two online course sessions, plus ETC web resource pages online related to course work -- will set an industry standard for all in the educational travel community.  

As members of ETC all Travel Planners attending the January 2016 conference can take all of the Risk Management program components at no additional charge with the two online courses offered in 2016 for a nominal fee.  CFO’s and senior management from Risk Management offices at nonprofit institutions and organizations can take the INTENSIVE for a one-time fee which involves attendance at the January conference.  Travel planners are encouraged to invite their CFOs and Risk Management office professionals to enroll. 


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