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“I enjoyed ETC 2015, it just gets better and I get better at using the conference.  I always knew the value of the conference.  The educational level of the conference has allowed my colleague to get a higher paying job because of what she has learned at ETC.”

Elisabeth Hakim, UK & North America Markets Coordinator, PromPeru

“Fabulous ETC 2015 conference.”

Janet Moore, Owner, Distant Horizons

“ETC 2015 was extremely well-run and professional from start to finish.  Planners appreciated the chance to have a take-away that’s a tangible outcome they can use for their programs immediately.”

Tony Rango, National Outings Director, Sierra Club

“ETC 2015, inspirational speakers are phenomenal.  The CONNECTS meetings are getting better and better and I use them to learn the landscape better.”

Bobbi Collins, Director, Membership & Business Operations, U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association

“The ETC conference is a guiding light.”

Steve Lembke, Former Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Road Scholar

“ETC has enriched my professional growth and I have learned so much at ETC.”

Lauren Summers, Director of Marketing, North America, Visit Wales

“Preparation for speakers and moderators and advanced materials is the best I’ve seen in any conference.”

Jim Sano, Vice President of Travel, Tourism and Conservation, World Wildlife Fund

“ETC 2015 was a fantastic conference.  Sessions were well received.  Energy in the bazaar was fantastic.”

Regina Cross, Director of Alumni Travel, Michigan State University Alumni Association

“Great energy at ETC 2015.  Sessions were inspiring and had practical tips focused to the ETC travel community.  Risk management and genius bar were a great component.”

Aiza Keesey, Development Officer, Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Amazing ETC 2015 conference, a lot of buzz in the bazaar and it felt alive.”

Stacy Fiorentinos, President, Classic Escapes

"ETC is THE opportunity to network in the industry."

Kathy Edersheim, Senior Director, Association of Yale Alumni

“This was the best conference I have ever attended.  It not only helped me with the many travel questions I had, I found value to so many other things we are doing in Advancement.  Plus, it was a ton of fun!”

Kimberly Schmelz, Director of Alumni Services, University of Wisconsin-Platteville

“This is THE place to engage with all the players in the educational travel community.  The conference is full of learning, connecting, and having fun with colleagues.”

Kris Jameyson, Director, Cal Discoveries Travel, Cal Alumni Association, UC Berkeley

“Still riding the high from the great conference this year. …. very re-energized – good business happening and lots of enthusiasm.” 

Marilyn Downing Staff, Founder and President, Asia Transpacific Journeys 

“ETC is a unique event with a mission, I have always considered it as the Mecca for tourism professionals who caters to non-profit or alumni organizations.”

Yasar Karadag, President, New Faces Travel, Istanbul, Turkey

“ETC 2014 was the best conference I've ever attended, and I've attended a lot.  For me, there's nothing better than combining education and travel . . . two of the things I am most passionate about.”  

Mike Cooney, Cooney World Adventures 

“A balanced emphasis & coverage of social media topics. More than enough Connect Meeting opportunities.”

Christine Luskin, Vice President, Sales, Alumni Holidays, AHI Travel

“Another inspiring ETC Travel conference. Dynamic speakers like Andrew McCarthy on travel as a transformational experience and Sree Sreenivasan the leading social media expert who was just named the Chief Digital officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mara continues to ignite the intellectual needs of the Educational Travel Community 28 years after the original founding of ETC!”  

Diana Lee Crew, Founder & Consultant, Real World Connections

“The networking opportunities are invaluable. Meeting with both tour operators and travel planners is a great way to jump start my year.”

Emilie LaRosa, Asst. Director, Alumni Education and Alumni Travel, University of Pennsylvania

“I am grateful for all that Japan did to sponsor the program, because of their many touch points, I have added Japan to our 2015 schedule- the first time in many, many years that it’s been included!”

Sara Schumann, Executive Assistant, Alumni Relations, Boston University

“It’s a great way to fully immerse yourself in the world of Alumni/Affinity travel.”

Jay Parker, Key Account Sales Manager, Avalon Waterways

“The keynote speakers were all excellent!!”

Lisa Valentine, Director, UA Alumni Travel, University of Arizona Alumni Association

“The highlight of this year’s conference was the volume of CONNECTS meeting we scheduled.”

Evie Task, Manager, Communications, Meyer and Associates

“The ability to reconnect with fellow travel planners informally to discuss challenges we face with our own programs and get tips and advice from one another.”

Daniel Stypa, Assistant Director, Association of Rice Alumni, Rice University

“Excellent networking opportunities; ability to reach new suppliers/vendors all in one place.”

Mary Beth Morris, Coordinator of Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs, Duquesne University

"I am extremely impressed with the Conference, its excellent mosaic of attendance, and its flawless organization behind. It was a great honor to be part of it! Thank you very much for all the info prior, during and after the event! My most sincere congratulations on the Conference!

Klaus-Peter Fielsch, Product Manager, Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

"ETC is a very impressive conference and attended by such an interesting group of people. I so enjoyed the lively discussions and insightful questions that were part of our presentations."

Laurie Sherwood, Partner, Walsworth Franklin Bevins & McCall, LLP

"The highlight of the conference is the opportunity to meet with many existing clients as well as very successful meetings with prospective clients."

Tom Aschoff, Manager, Sales, Meyer and Associates

"A wonderful community - the sessions and events were excellent. Besides the small challenges of being a newcomer DMC from Greece to the conference, I thoroughly enjoyed it, found it very useful and plan to come back next year and continue building relationships."

Celia Koukouli, Manager for Educational & Affinity Travel, SIVA TRAVEL SERVICES

"It was a pleasure seeing everyone, the camaraderie, fun memories and to top it all, having such successful conference in spite of the weather."

Maria Gross, Consultant – Travel Sales and Marketing, ETC Emeritus Council

"I think this year’s ETC was among the VERY best!" 

Carolyn Sheaff, Retired Director, BEAR TREKS Travel Program, Cal Alumni Association, ETC Emeritus Council

“It was a true joy for me, at every step--to enjoy my old hometown of Boston during that magical, snowbound silence; and to meet all of the great ETC community. I love their wisdom, their spirit, their sense of adventure and their cultured, rich, generous sensibility.” 

Pico Iyer, Writer/Author, Travel Writer

“You should be very proud of the wonderful conference you and your team produce each and every year. It is always an environment for learning, networking and new ideas and I thank you for your commitment and service to the Educational Travel Community!”

LeeAnn Quirk, Director of Alumni Programs, University of Oklahoma Alumni Association

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