ETC Recognizes 2016 Honorees
for the Annual Responsible Tourism Showcase

As part of the Educational Travel Community's commitment to advancing responsible tourism, ETC hosts an annual Responsible Tourism Showcase to recognize the efforts of ETC members and their partners working diligently in the field to develop and implement responsible tourism initiatives.

Journeys Within Founder Andrea Ross with ETC Founder Mara DelliPriscoli

Congratulations to our 2016 Responsible Tourism Showcase Honoree!

first place1st Place Honoree:
Journeys Within Active Philanthropy Program - Southeast Asia

Journeys Within: Active Philanthropy Program’s co-founder, Andrea Ross, realized that giving back philanthropically was an amazing way for travelers to truly immerse themselves in a new culture. Journeys Within began offering a “Give and Take Tour” which allowed guests to spend a week volunteering at a local school as part of their trip to Cambodia. From these humble beginnings, a new non-profit was created – Journeys Within Our Community – and the Journeys Within Active Philanthropy Program (JWAP) grew from there.

Local JWAP staff and volunteers, who are on the ground in Cambodia, work to identify the needs of the local people and then match them to their travelers’ capacities and abilities.

Specific programs include:

Clean Water Program

Because so many of the JWAP programs involve an in-person meeting between donor and beneficiaries, there are fantastic cultural exchange opportunities from the very beginning.

JWAP programs are designed to promote economic, educational, and improved health opportunities through access to basic services such as clean water, microfinance, education, and community liaison programs. Programs build capacity and increase self-reliance amongst the local population in Cambodia, helping struggling communities to face daily challenges and better their own futures. Integral among these programs is the Scholarship Program and the Community Banking Project. JWAP’s programs are unique because they combine volunteer time with a financial commitment, which then provides ongoing sustainable support to local communities.

Free Classes Program

Guests who participate in the Active Philanthropy Program tend to get an even deeper understanding of the places they visit while on tour. Each component of the program is designed to be interactive, allowing travelers to meet with, hear from, and even teach the program beneficiaries. Whether it is traveling to a village to see a well providing clean water where once there was none, to interacting with students in a free English class, to meeting a microloan recipient for a first-hand view of the social return on investment, Active Philanthropy participants get to witness the impact their giving has made while also seeing the natural and cultural sights Southeast Asia is famous for.

The Journeys Within Active Philanthropy Program is a great example of strong, community-based, and responsible tourism. Journeys Within clients experience a blend of traditional tourist site-seeing with personal and intimate interactions with local people. The exchanges arranged by Journeys Within provide for authentic person-to-person connections and valuable insights that cannot be gained from traditional group tours.

 Benefits to Responsible Tourism Showcase Honorees

$1,000 monetary award for the first honoree recipient to support the enhancement of the nominated program, project, or product. Additional monetary awards of up to $500 each may be given to second and third place runner-up honorees pending the availability of funds from year to year, recognition at the ETC Conference, and online year-round website recognition with the winner’s contact information and a link to the winner’s website, if available.

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